The TRUST project aims to boost research excellence in the area of INDUSTRIAL SUSTAINABILITY, increasing the scientific and technical capacity to support and engage European industry in its pathway to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

TRUST establishes a partnership between two internationally-leading research institutions (Cambridge and Chalmers)) and a widening country research institution (ISQ). By leveraging this partnership at the European level and fostering the conditions for a long-lasting joint cooperation, it is anticipated to support the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge and the emergence of new research opportunities. Through the involvement of relevant stakeholders, the TRUST project is also expected to help link innovative research with real industrial needs and therefore lead to the creation of new business opportunities.

4th Joint Summer School

The TRUST project partners promoted the 3rd Joint Summer School organized by the University of Cambridge, UK. (…)

2021 International Conference on Resource Sustainability (Virtual)

João Domingues de Azevedo (ISQ) gave an online presentation entitled "Industrial Symbiosistechnical implementation support database – definition of variables and datasets" at the 2021 International Conference on Resource Sustainability, which was held on July 19–23, 2021 University College Dublin, Ireland.