The TRUST project aims to boost research excellence in the area of INDUSTRIAL SUSTAINABILITY, increasing the scientific and technical capacity to support and engage European industry in its pathway to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

TRUST establishes a partnership between two internationally-leading research institutions (Cambridge and Chalmers)) and a widening country research institution (ISQ). By leveraging this partnership at the European level and fostering the conditions for a long-lasting joint cooperation, it is anticipated to support the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge and the emergence of new research opportunities. Through the involvement of relevant stakeholders, the TRUST project is also expected to help link innovative research with real industrial needs and therefore lead to the creation of new business opportunities.

Deliverable D5.1 TRUST_Quality Assurance Plan

The TRUST Quality Assurance Plan is an internal document of the TRUST project, delivered in the context of WP5 – Project coordination. The objective of WP5 is to provide the overall internal management of the project, as well as the administrative control of the project and the liaison with the EC, therefore ensuring the overall co-ordination, quality and progress monitoring of TRUST towards the stated project objectives.

Deliverable D4.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

The TRUST Dissemination & Communication Plan provides the context, key messages, framework and guidance for the implementation of all TRUST communications initiatives and activities. This includes communication approaches and vehicles to communicate consistent messages about the project to target audiences and keep them informed of activities.